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Blow jobs

Sucking cock, blowjobs, giving head, going down, oral sex – whichever term you know it by, it’s a great act.

And like many great things, everybody has their individual styles and preferences for both giving and receiving. It’s hard to say what makes the best blowjob: you’ll just have to suck and see. Here you can find tips on how to make a blowjob both even more luscious and safer too.

Listen to the person you’re blowing; moans and heavy breathing are generally good indicators of how the person on the receiving end is feeling. This also applies if you’re the one getting the blowjob, unless you’re simply lying back and enjoying getting cock worshipped. Want to crank up the heat a bit and pleasure the person giving you head? You could play with their nipples? Caress them? Or grab the back of their neck and give them a hard mouth-fuck?

One tip when sucking cock is to vary things a bit. Try different speeds and taking in different lengths of the cock. Change up your speeds too – sometimes using a hard, pointed tongue, and then alternate with soft lips.

Try grasping the testicle (balls) sack firmly but carefully and pulling gently down and backward while sucking or licking. Don’t forget that the ball-sack is often a sensitive part of the body, just like the area between the scrotum and arsehole.

The gagging reflex is a curse for many people. Not everybody is Deep Throat – that film was fictional. Gagging could be due to cock size, depth of intake or just how you feel on that particular day. Cock sucking isn’t a competition. If you notice the person giving you head gagging when you’re mouth-fucking them, take it easy. While the gagging reflex is a curse for many, it is a blessing for some. Tears are filling the eyes… the whole body reacts to the cock deep down… The feeling of pleasurable panic is superhot to some.

Many people don’t appreciate the use of teeth during a blowjob. That said, teeth aren’t always a bad thing if you know what to do with them. For example, what kind of magic happens if you nibble the foreskin a bit, or try gently biting the frenulum (the strand of skin just under the head of the cock)?

If you like to deep throat, but find that the cock won’t go any further, try blowing the guy from different angles. Some people find it can go deeper if you’re lying in the 69 position. One beginner’s tip is to deep throat the dick while it is not fully erect.

When you’re giving head, where do you look? Do you stare greedily at his cock, or do you seductively stare into his eyes? If you look him in the eye, it’s easier to see how much the person is enjoying your skills.

Make it safer

Sucking cock without a condom may entail a minor risk of HIV transmission. To minimise that risk, avoid getting sperm in your mouth when giving a blowjob. Being blown, on the other hand, doesn’t involve any risk for HIV.

Giving or receiving head without a condom can lead to the transmission of other STIs such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, condyloma and chlamydia. This can occur even if no cum is taken into the mouth, and these infections are much more easily transmitted than HIV. You can use a condom for oral sex if you want to play a bit safer.

Most people, however, prefer not using a condom for oral sex. If this is your preference, make it a habit to get tested regularly for STIs, asking to have a throat sample in addition to other testing.

Enjoy the moment. Take care of yourself and your oral sex partners.

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