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Your brain is perhaps the most sexual organ of all. It’s the control centre for everything we think and feel. Although we humans may look quite similar on the outside, our bodies are all different, as are our perceptions of what’s pleasurable. Whatever your body looks like and however it works, you are entitled to feel valuable and decide what is best for your own body.

Getting to know your own body is a good foundation for using it for pleasure – on your own or with other people. Here you can read about the human body, and a bit about how it works when it comes to sex and pleasure. Feel your way forward and be sure to have plenty of fun along the way!

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Erogenous zones

When we talk about sexually sensitive parts of the body (erogenous zones), the cock, pussy and ass are often the obvious examples. You can read about these further down the page, but first:...

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Sex and the brain

The brain is an incredibly powerful sexual command center. It is our most important organ when it comes to sex and pleasure. The brain controls our emotions and perceptions, as well as the...

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The ass

At the outermost part of the ass are two sphincter muscles, an outer one and an inner one. The sphincter muscles surround the anal opening and can be relaxed and contracted. If you...

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The cock

Cocks vary from one person to the next and come in different colors, shapes and sizes. The outside is covered by skin without any subcutaneous fat, therefore sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair...

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The pussy

One can be born with a pussy, and one can acquire one through surgery. And some transmen keep theirs, but they might call it something else. All the content that follows is mainly...

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Trans bodys

The perception of gender affiliation and your own body can be important in a sex and pleasure context. Being a trans person doesn’t automatically mean you want to change your body, but it...

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