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Where can I get tested?

Ready for a test?

Once you’ve decided you want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, you obviously need to know where to go. There are many clinics and youth clinics in the Stockholm area where you can go to get tested. Most also give you the chance to talk about testing and other questions related to STIs. You’re entitled to get tested free of charge and have free treatment for STIs that come under the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act. This applies to gonorrhea, hepatitis, HIV, chlamydia and syphilis.

When it comes to HPV (human papilloma virus) and condyloma, women over 23 are called in for smear tests every three years. You will receive this notice to attend a smear test, and must go, even if you haven’t had sex. The condyloma virus is tested for at gynecology clinics and young people’s health centers. Today there is a vaccine against HPV and condyloma that is given to young women.

Below are the addresses and phone numbers of various clinics in the Stockholm area. Bear in mind that you usually have to make an appointment for a test. At some clinics you do not have to make an appointment, then it usually says ‘Drop In’ on the web site.

Testpoint Stockholm

Telefon:+46 73-572 22 38
E-mail: testpoint@rfsl.se

Visiting adress:
Alsnögatan 7, Stockholm
Bus stop: Londonviadukten, buses to Nacka from Slussen

Map and opening hours

Venhälsan – The gay mens health clinic

The Gay Mens Health Clinic at Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) is specifically intended for men who have sex with men. The clinic has introduced drop-in times, so you generally don’t have to make an appointment, whether you’re getting tested for HIV or an STI. The clinic is open daytime for people who live with HIV, and an afternoon clinic for all men who have sex with men. At the afternoon clinic, you don’t need to make an appointment for an HIV or STI test. If a lot of people drop in, the clinic may stop accepting new patients after a certain time.

08-616 25 00

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 15:00-18:00

Sjukhusbacken 14 at Södersjukhuset, to the right of the main entrance, one floor down.

Take the green metro line to Skanstull and then bus no. 3 towards Södersjukhuset. Blue bus no. 3 also goes from Slussen, for instance. If you’re coming from Gullmarsplan, or Odenplan/Kungsholmen/Hornstull, you can also take blue bus no. 4 which stops nearby.

Stockholm Men’s clinic

Stockholm Men’s Clinic is specifically intended for all men, and the staff there have good expertise when it comes to men who have sex with men. To make an appointment, call during phone hours or use their online booking service which you’ll find on their english website. There is also a drop-in clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays, when you don’t need an appointment but can just turn up and wait.

08-123 393 90

Drop-in/Walk-in clinic:
Tuesday 16-18.30, Friday 8.30-10.30
(Please note that the walk in clinic is for STI-testing only)

Address: Kista Galleria. Stairwell 3, 2nd floor.
You will find Stairwell 3 in front of Kjell & Company store.

The closest metro station is Kista, which is on the blue line towards Akalla.

Youth clinics

If you want to visit a youth clinic, you can go umo.se, a website with information and contact details for youth clinics, and a lot of other useful info. The amount of information in English is limited so please use Google Translate or similar tools.

There are a lot of youth clinics in the Stockholm area. You can also ask your school nurse about young people’s health centers – they’re called ungdomsmottagningar in Swedish.

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