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Sexual assault

Rape or sexual assault can happen in many different ways,

and the person who does it can be anyone from a complete stranger to someone close to you. It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed, whether you’ve drunk alcohol or taken drugs, it’s never your fault!

Everyone who’s been sexually assaulted, go to the emergency department at Södersjukhuset as soon as possible. If you’re a girl go to the AVK emergency department for assaulted/raped women, which is also at Södersjukhuset. They also help transgender people. If you’re unsure which clinic to go to, go to the emergency room (Akuten) Södersjukhuset.

What to do?

Go to Södersjukhuset’s Akuten or AVK department. If you have physical injuries they’ll be treated there. If you want to make a police report and haven’t already done so, the police will be called. Don’t forget that you can always register an assault afterwards, but it may make the police investigation more difficult. At the emergency department you’ll be offered an examination. It’s voluntary but recommended not only for your health, but also so that any evidence can be recorded.

HIV and STIs

If you’re HIV negative or unsure of your HIV status, PEP treatment may be a good idea. This is a good but strong treatment that considerably reduces the risk of HIV being transmitted. The sooner treatment begins the better, but it must be within 36 hours. It may also be a good idea to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, and after three months you can take an HIV test. You can read more about testing and PEP here at sexperterna.com.

Worth considering

Many people feel they want to shower after an assault. If you haven’t already taken a shower, avoid doing so as it makes it harder to secure evidence. Bring the clothes you were wearing at the time. There may be traces on them, even if you can’t see them. It’s never your fault if you’ve been sexually assaulted or raped.

  • Södersjukhuset, Södermalm, Sjukhusbacken 10.
  • Phone (central switchboard): 08-616 10 00.
  • Akutmottagning för Våldtagna, floor 2, lift B or G
  • Phone: 08-616 46 70.
  • Venhälsan is nowadays located at Södersjukhuset but a few doors to the right, Sjukhusbacken 14.
  • Phone: 08-616 25 00.

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