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Catheters/urethra games

You might know this part of the cock as the glans or ‘helmet’. It’s located at the opening of the urethra, and it is highly sensitive to touch, especially the area towards the underside of the cock by the rim of the penis head. A catheter is a thin tube that can be fed into the urethra, for example, to give a sensation of being kinkily injected, or filled in a slightly different way. It’s important to note that the mucous membrane in the urethra is extremely thin and sensitive to injury. If injury does occur, the result could be an infection that’s very painful and hard to treat. So be very careful with catheter sex, and carefully consider what you want to put into your urethra. Use sterile catheters and plenty of sterile lube. Make sure you have a proper stopper at the end of whatever you’re putting in your urethra to make sure it doesn’t disappear up inside your body and get stuck there.

The risk of minor injuries and bleeding with this type of play is a bit higher, so it’s extra important to use a condom if you want to fuck or get a blowjob after catheter sex. Your urine may also contain blood after catheter sex, although it may not be visible to the naked eye.

Spit and snot

Swapping spit and snot during a hot make out session can be wonderful. And the great thing is, neither saliva nor snot carry any risk of transmitting HIV or other STIs!


Have you ever tried pissing yourself intentionally as an adult, maybe in the shower? If you like water sports, giving or receiving a golden shower can be very sexy and intimate. You might like watching other people piss, or someone watching you. Some get turned on by watching someone piss themselves or pissing on someone else. It can be part of a game of D/S or just a couple of guys competing who can last the longest without pissing the jeans even darker blue.

Naturally, we all have different tastes when it comes to piss, both in terms of how we like to use it and what it tastes like. The taste and the colour of piss vary from one person to the next. It can also vary from one day to the next, depending on what and how much you’ve drunk and the time of day you’re doing your water sports.

Urine is normally sterile and therefore carries very little risk of transmitting HIV or other STIs. If the person pissing has just ejaculated, the urine may contain sperm residue. If the urethra has been damaged or is infected, the urine may contain blood though it might not be visible to the naked eye. This may increase the risk of transmitting HIV and other STIs (including some kinds of hepatitis). If you want to really play it safe, avoid getting piss in the mouth, eyes, open wounds or in the arse. Piss on unbroken skin is perfectly harmless and sometimes awesome!


For some people, taking a lot of shit is immensely satisfying, sometimes sexually provocative too. The smell of arse can in fact be very tantalising… You may be a person who fancies a big arse sitting on your face, or maybe get horny in public restrooms when you hear the person in the next stall taking a dump?

Scat games generally entail very little risk of transmitting HIV and other STIs, provided there’s no blood in the shit. However, human shit can contain other viruses, bacteria and parasites that can be passed on to the person receiving the shit (e.g. salmonella, some types of hepatitis and amoebas). If you live with HIV, you could be extra sensitive to these infections.

There are good vaccines against hepatitis A and B. Talk to your doctor if you’re not yet vaccinated or if you need to boost your vaccination. The vaccine for hepatitis A costs up to a couple of hundred kronor, but the hepatitis B vaccine is free for men who have sex with men and is given, for example, at Venhälsan, the Gay Men’s Clinic at Södersjukhuset hospital in Stockholm.

Avoid getting shit in your mouth, eyes or in open wounds. Also avoid getting shit in each other’s arses. Shit on unbroken skin is harmless, and possibly fantastic!

Stretching the ass

Stretching the arse is a major component of the anal sex experience for many people. If you want to stretch it that little bit extra, follow the same rule as for all anal penetration: Stretch your arse gradually and be aware of your body’s boundaries. If it doesn’t feel good, stop.

There are special tools (rectal speculums) that hold your arse open, and you can gradually extend them to make the anus open wider. There are also toys that can be inflated with a pump, so they get bigger once they’re inside you. If you’re curious, take a look around a sex shop or google it. Always remember to use plenty of lube during anal penetration, and to clean the tools between recipients, if you’re sharing

Vacuum pumping

A vacuum pump can be used to help get your hard-on up or to temporarily increase the size of, say, your dick, balls or nipples. Some people also find that the pumped area gets more sensitive. Be gentle when pumping to gradually accustom the body and to avoid bursting blood vessels. Vacuum pumping itself carries no risk of transmitting HIV or other STIs.

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