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Apart from our bodies, there are all kinds of tools and toys we can use when we have sex.

We know that even thousands of years ago, people used dildos made of wood and animal antlers and other materials. Nowadays there are far more products we can use to give ourselves and others pleasure. Feel your way through the selection and see which toys are best for you and the people you have sex with – you can have a lot of fun along the way!

Dildos, dongs, and butt plugs

Some dildos are designed to look like cocks while others look completely different. If you scour the market, you can find toys in every colour of the rainbow. Dildos are made in a wide variety of materials, which also affect how hard or soft they are and how they smell. A dong is often shaped like a cock and is made entirely of a slightly softer material and lacks a vibrator.

Where are you the most sensitive? Find a toy that brings the most pleasure to your body. Some dildos are specially shaped or curved so that they reach the most sensitive parts. Many dildos have a built-in vibrator function for extra added pleasure. Did you know that there is a male G-spot? Many men’s prostates (accessed anally) have the male G-spot, known as the P-spot. A dildo can help stimulate the prostate via the arse, and wham you’ve hit the P-spot! The P-spot can be highly sensitive to sexual contact and can give intense orgasms. Similarly, there are also dildos (with or without a vibrator) designed specifically to stimulate the clit and the G-spot inside the pussy.

Butt plugs are toys that are similar to dildos. They are often thicker in the middle but are tapered so that the outer anal sphincter can close around it. This means the arse can often retain the plug by itself. A stopper at the end of the plug prevents it from getting sucked all the way up the arse and stuck there. If a toy or object of any kind gets stuck in your arse, you need to go to the ER for professional help.


A little bit of lubricant often enhances the delights of a dildo, whether you’re putting it up an arse or a pussy. Some dildos, as well as other sex toys made of silicon should only be used with water-based lubricants, since silicon-based lubricants dissolve silicon.

If more than one person is getting fucked by the same dildo, switch condoms, as you switch bottoms, to reduce the risk of transmitting different infections. Ideally use condoms without lubricant on the inside, but don’t forget to add lube on the outside for more slippery pleasure. RFSU makes one called 17006, and it can be ordered online if you can’t find it in a store. This suggestion is because the lubricant that is standard for condoms in their wrapper is silicon-based, which deteriorates toys made of silicon. There are of course other brands as well – have fun testing them out!

If the dildo has some kind of stop function, such as a broad base, shaped like a ball-sack, this reduces the risk of it getting sucked up and stuck in the arse. If a toy gets stuck inside you, crouch down and try to push it out, without using excessive force. If that doesn’t work, go to the emergency room for help. They’re generally pretty used to people getting stuff stuck inside them. It’s no big deal and they have seen it ALL before. Trust us.

Strap-on dildos

A strap-on is a dildo you strap onto your body using a harness. Just like dildos, harnesses come in a wide array of designs and materials. There are all-in-one harnesses, which are usually comprised of rubber underpants with a built-in dildo. Other types, known as two-strap and three-strap harnesses, are usually made of leather or rubber. The dildo is then bought separately and attached to the harness. Two-strap and three-strap harnesses are generally thought to attach better to the body, and generally last longer than all-in-one harnesses.

With a strap-on, you get hands-free penetration. Many people get turned on by wearing a strap-on, and some trans men and others say it almost feels like a part of their own body when they’re having sex. During sex, friction can occur between the harness and the body, so even the person wearing the strap-on can get sexually stimulated, especially if they have a clit. Use a vibrator and the stimulation for the person wearing the strap-on can be further enhanced.

There are strap-on dildos that you wear on other parts of the body, such as the thigh, the hand, or the chin. There are also strap-ons for guys with cocks who want to vary their size or have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. This type is often hollow so you can put your cock inside the dildo. If you already have a dick, you can use a strap-on dildo to supplement what you already have. That way you can use the strap-on for double penetration, in the pussy and arse at the same time. Have fun experimenting and see what type of harness is best for you and the people you have sex with.

Cock rings

A cock ring is worn over the cock, or cock and balls. It is believed to enhance blood circulation in the erection. A lot of people feel that the cock becomes more sensitive with a ring around it and that this helps maintain a hard-on. Many also find cock rings pretty damn sexy, and wear them not only for sex, but more discreetly under their clothes, or as an ornament atop a flaccid cock at the gym.

Cock rings come in many different forms and materials, such as silicone, leather, and metal. There are also rings you have around your cock and balls, or models that put one ball in each ring. You decide whether you want a ring that clips on and off, or one where you have to ease your dick (and balls) in. Bear in mind that it’s easy to over-tighten an adjustable cock ring so it obstructs the blood flow, so it’s best not to keep it tightened for too long. It’s also a good idea to release the adjustable kind before shooting, since the ejaculation if restricted may cause pain. Some cock rings have a built-in vibrator which enhances the experience both for the wearer and the person getting fucked. Other cock rings can be used as anchor points for weights, for instance.

Love beads

Anal beads, vaginal beads, geisha balls… Inserting beads or balls into your body, one by one, can be a wonderful sensation for the arse or pussy. You might like the ones that go from small to XL. Because the beads are attached in a line, it’s easy to pull them out again. Do you or your partner prefer them to slowly pop out of the arse or ripped out in one single stroke? Anal/vaginal beads come in a variety of types and materials and work best with lubrication.

Safer sex and toys

Many of the most common sexually transmitted infections can be passed on via shared dildos and other sex toys. You can reduce the risk by avoiding sharing toys with other people, or by washing the toy thoroughly before using it on the next person. Condoms aren’t only for dicks, they also fit a wide variety of toys. A condom over the toy is an effective way of reducing the risk of passing on STIs. Just remember to change the condom if more than one person’s getting fucked by the same dildo. If you do use a condom on a dildo, remember to use a water-based lubricant. Fat-based creams (such as Vaseline and skin lotions) damage most condoms, and silicon-based lubes can damage the toy. We recommend RFSU’s unlubricated condom named 17006 and similar condoms for use with sex toys. But do remember to use lube on the outside, most people prefer it that way. Keep it clean when you want to get dirty!

Clean your toys regularly to avoid accumulating bacteria. Most toys can easily be washed with soap and water. Read the instructions on the package and avoid getting water into any electronics. For dildos and such toys, you can use a condom to make hygiene easier, as it’s quick and simple to put on a new one for a nice, fresh feeling. A condom is also an effective way of preventing anal bacteria from causing vaginal infections.

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