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Erogenous zones

When we talk about sexually sensitive parts of the body (erogenous zones), the cock, pussy and ass are often the obvious examples.

You can read about these further down the page, but first: Let’s not forget that there are many other parts of the body that can feel amazing when it comes to sexual desire and pleasure!

The sensitivity of a particular part of the body depends partly on the number of tactile corpuscles in that part – the more tactile corpuscles, the more sensitive that body part will often feel. Tactile corpuscles are nerve endings that register different kinds of sensory impressions. They are primarily found in the skin. It is on the outside of the body that we find the largest regions of sensitive spots (in terms of area at least). Sensory impressions are processed in the brain and are often important aspects of desire and horniness. Sensory impressions from certain body parts affect the brain’s pleasure centre more than others, such as signals from the cock and the pussy.

In addition to physical contact, mental and emotional stimulation are often also needed to turn a person on, or to get them to feel good in that special way. Depending on what turns you on and the situation you’re in, you can react very differently to touch from one time to the next. One interesting example is our fingers, where the fingertips are full of tactile corpuscles and nerves. These can be perceived as pleasantly sensitive but still not make us horny when we use our hands all day. Can you even imagine if it did?!

Remember that parts of the body that give you amazing pleasure may do nothing at all to someone else. Reactions depend on how our bodies are built and what lights our fire. For instance, the nipples are an extremely sensitive zone for many people. That’s not always only a good thing. Some people prefer to have them left alone, while others can hardly imagine anything nicer than some great, sexy nipple play.

So how would you find those extra sensitive areas on yourself and on others? Do it in a sensual way – touch and stroke different parts of the body and see what gives you tingles and fireworks. If you’re having fun with someone else, share with one another what really floats your boat – with words, with body language or with sound by breathing, moaning, and so on. Try varying the intensity, hardness, and tenderness. A gentle touch with the fingers or a soft tongue, a massage, light scratching with the fingernails, nibbling with the teeth, hair or stubble brushing against the other person, slapping with the cock or the hands, soft blows on a recently licked area… There are also all kinds of accessories (sex-cessories?) you can use in your pleasure treasure chest: feathers, lubes, oils, ice, melted wax, whips and much much more.

Some areas that can be wonderfully sensitive:

  • The scalp – try stroking, massaging or scratching. A lot of people also like someone playing with, gently pulling, or sensually holding their hair.
  • The ears – gently suck or nibble on the earlobes, maybe a wet tongue working its way into the ear? Having someone breathing right up close can also stimulate your hearing in ways that you might not be accustomed to.
  • The lips – a gentle kiss, a tongue kiss, heavy tongue-thrusting, or something else entirely. Try playing with the tongue, and gently sucking or nibbling the other person’s lips.
  • The neck and throat – sensitive to touching and conveniently nearby if you want to move on from tongue kissing and making out to getting it ON! You can massage, suck, or bite the length of the neck to give the other person exquisite shivers through their whole body.
  • The hands and fingers – parts of our body that can be pleasurable not only when we touch ourselves or someone else, but also when you get spoiled with a wonderful hand massage or someone greedily sucking your fingers.
  • The breasts and nipples – a sensitive area for many people that can give pleasure whether it’s a gentle touch, a hard suck/nibble or rough treatment, or of course anything in between.
  • The sides of the upper body, up along the armpits and along the inside of the arms – for many people this area is delightfully ticklish and sensitive. Try stroking with fingers, tongue or even a feather.
  • The inside of the thighs, the groin – there are loads of tactile corpuscles and nerves here, some of which are connected to the areas in and around the cock/pussy and arse.
  • The feet – try light tickling, licking, and sucking, or a deliciously sensual foot massage or pedicure. Do you prefer freshly washed feet, or locker room sweaty ones?

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