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Anal sex

It’s wonderful to give a fuck.

It’s fucking heavenly. To fuck someone or to be fucked in the arse is a versatile pleasure. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving! The best thing about it is that your mode of pleasure is versatile. You can fuck gently, inhaling the intoxicating scent of romance. You can also fuck rough and wild. You can fuck like strangers. You can fuck like animals. Whichever your pleasure may be that day make sure that the receiving arse is ready for the adventure that is about to begin.

No, it is not nice of you to just jam your cock or a dildo up somebody’s arse. That’s not fun. Here’s a suggestion on how to get a lovely arse into the mood for some play. Remember – start gently! Whether you are using your fingers, tongue or a butt plug just be soft and polite. You can get rougher later. Here’s how it works down there. The sphincter is the ring muscle down there. It’s pretty impossible to control and it tightens up when something is pushed into the anus. Gently push a finger against the hole until you feel the muscle loosening up. Relaaaaax…Enjoy. Good. Now let’s talk about lubrication.

The arse has no natural lubrication of its own so a water or silicone-based lubricant should get things flowing, so to speak. Good communication with your sex partner is important. No, you don’t have to debate Gaga versus Madonna and no you don’t need to narrate each step of the seduction process but remember to be sensitive to the sounds and signals your sex partner is making to know if what you are doing feels good or bad. While some people prefer gentle slow sex, others like it rough and fast. The most important thing is that you’re on the same page about it and want to focus on a mutually amazing fuck.

Being on the receiving end of a hard throbbing cock or dildo is pure pleasure. It’s your choice on how you want to get or give this pleasure. You or your sex partner might want to give it a go laying on your stomach, biting a pillow. Alternately, the receiving partner might want to take charge and ride that cock or dildo. Just listen to your body – arse fucking should not hurt. If you’re on the bottom you should avoid drug or alcohol intoxication. Being drunk or high (or both) can impair your ability to sense if something feels wrong. The same advice applies for anaesthetising creams and lubricants. Listen to your body and you decrease the risk of getting hurt. Let the sex itself intoxicate you.

Switch things up for a thrill – different sex positions create all different sorts of pleasure for both you and your partner. Change it up and be creative – choose your position thinking of the type of pleasure your body craves. If you’re on top and like a marathon fuck of endurance and power, it’s probably best to pick a position that allows you to ride hard without tiring too soon. Although some of the more creative positions out of the Kama Sutra look very exciting, keep in mind that it’s often difficult to keep at these advanced positions for more than a few minutes. If one of you is a first-timer or relatively new to sex, it might be best to consider their needs and experience before yours. A sideways screw is an easy classic. Try it laying down on your back, butt propped up with a pillow. Doggie-style and face-to-face are also great choices.

Here’s a helpful tip – anal sex is generally easier and more enjoyable if the rectum is empty. You can simply go to the bathroom before sex. Some people choose to douche beforehand. However, if you do this too often it can affect your body’s bacteria balance and increase the risk of transmitting HIV and STIs. For this reason, it’s especially important to use a condom and plenty of lubrication if you’ve used douche in the rectum. No need to be ashamed or embarrassed if there’s a bit of poop up there – it’s only natural.

If you do decide to douche, be cautious if doing so directly from a sink faucet or shower hose because it’s hard to control how much water is going into your body. It’d be a safer idea to use a small container so you can control the amount of water yourself. Also, be careful of sharp edges because the inside of the arse is very sensitive. Douching the rectum increases the risk of passing on HIV and STIs, so always use a condom and lubrication!

Anal sex is the main way that HIV is transmitted sexually. An easy and cheap way to prevent HIV transmission is to use a condom. Keeping condoms and lubricant nearby before things heat up is a good way to keep the passion going seamlessly. That way you don’t need to stop and hunt around for them after things have gotten heavy.

One size fits all? Nope. Not really. Just like cocks, condoms come in all shapes, sizes and colours. A condom that fits properly will enhance pleasure. Seriously! Get a condom that fits your favourite dick. Often, there is only a limited selection of condoms in regular stores, so check online or in specialist stores if you require a smaller or larger condom. As someone once said, “It’s not the size of the axe, it’s how you swing it”.

Gossip spreads in many ways. Much like sexually transmitted infections. Cocks, pussies, asses, hands, mouths, and sex toys can all bring lots of delight, but they can also pass along sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms provide effective protection against most STIs, whether you are using a cock or a dildo. Get tested regularly because some STIs don’t always show symptoms. It’s important to tell the doctor or nurse how you are having sex, as this affects the testing process. STIs can occur in the mouth, the cock, in the anus or in the vagina.


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