Welcome to our community support services, providing a safe space for individuals over 18 to discuss thoughts or questions related to drugs, chemsex, sex work, and other related topics. We focus on your needs and your questions without judgment. Even if you’re under 18, feel free to reach out, and we’ll guide you to the appropriate resources.

At our clinic, you will meet experienced social workers specializing in drug-related issues, chemsex, sex work, and sexual health.

Here are some examples of topics we can assist you with: 

  • Exploring the intersection of drugs and sex.
  • Concerns about your well-being or that of a friend.
  • Questions about engaging in sex work.
  • Assistance in reaching out to healthcare, addiction support, or government agencies.

For more information on chemsex, including drugs, support, and harm reduction, visit our dedicated page: Chemsex

To schedule an appointment or seek advice, contact us via:

  • Email: mottagning@rfslstockholm.se
  • Phone/Text/WhatsApp: +46 (0) 76-394 84 05 / 73-520 51 94
  • KIK: chemsex_mottagningen
  • Instagram/Facebook: chemsex_mottagningen

Adress:Our office is located at Alsnögatan 7, 3 tr (Danvikstull). Nearest bus stop is Londonviadukten. Ring the doorbell marked “Sexperterna/Testpoint/RFSL Stockholm.”

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